Select Your Hockey Coaching Course Tier

Your hockey coaching course awaits!  Congratulations on taking the next step in your hockey journey. At this page you can select the coach training program that applies to you and/or your association. After you set up payment you will be redirected to a page to create your username and password.  If you purchase a Team or Association training program, choose one username and password to share with your group.  One name, one password, simple.  Our system takes care of the rest.

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Individual : $9.99 CAD/month

Team: Up to 25 IP Addresses : $49.99 CAD/month

Association 1: (4-20 Teams) : $199.99 CAD/month

Association 2: (21-30 Teams) : $299.99 CAD/month

Association 3: (30+ Teams) : $499.99 CAD/month

You can cancel your training program at any time by simply contacting Paypal or your credit card company and citing your profile ID you receive by email.  Other questions?  Contact me at